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Growing Together provides Play and Creative Arts therapy / Play Therapy  to children and young people between 4 - 16 years of age within the Leicester / Leicestershire area; we work closely with referrers to provide high-quality therapeutic services for children and their carers, which can be provided where best suits the child; often at school but this could also include in their home or in a neutral venue. We also work to support parents and carers through PCAP (Parent child Attachment Work) sessions which is a type of Therapeutic Parenting to enable parents improve relationships and support positive change.
It has been recognised that around 20% of children in the UK face some form of emotional, behavioural, or mental health problem and these can prevent a child from reaching their potential without any intervention. It is essential to recognise that mental health is just as important as physical health and preventions and cures are available for mental health, especially for children through therapeutic interventions
Play is all child's natural medium, to learn, communicate and explore their world. Play therapy helps children explore their feelings, express themselves and make sense of their experiences. For children who have difficulties articulating their thoughts and feelings, play therapy sessions provide the time and space to explore issues and understand associated feelings. Play therapy can empower children to create different solutions and increase self-esteem to manage their individual situation.
Play therapy is a postgraduate level profession and a form of child counselling / psychotherapy that provides a way for children to express their thoughts and feelings through the medium of play. Play Therapists help children explore their feelings and process their experiences through play and using a wide range of creative tools. Within all the therapeutic work play therapists have to undertake clinical supervision with their supervisor meeting regularly just like any other therapist or counsellor (you can find out specifics about our counsellor here).
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Did you know...
1 in 5 children have a psychological problem.

Why not just do the same 'adult' talking therapies with children and young people?

This short advert from A4PT in the USA is great at showing you the answer

Our Services


One to one play and creative arts therapy to support a wide range of issues that children may face.


Group sessions for 2 - 5 children that may benefit from working through similar issues together.


Sessions can be offered on a range of subjects and tailored to the needs of your organisation.

PCAP (Parent Child Attachment Play)

Working to support parents & carers directly through interactive workshop sessions.

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Just to say a big "thank you" for all the work you have completed with our children and parents. You have been amazing.


Local Primary School
Your training was really interesting and has given me some ideas to use in school. I'm also going to try some ideas with my teenage daughter at home.

Teaching Assistant

Local Primary School